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What Are Lip Fillers

Lip fillers are natural dermal substances that effectively plump and restore volume to your lips. Our lip fillers, specifically made with safe hyaluronic acid, address thinning lips due to aging or genetics, creating fuller and plumper lips.

Additionally, lip fillers offer subtle enhancements, correct asymmetry, reduce vertical lip lines, and achieve a balanced look between upper and lower lips. 

These natural substances are injected into the lip tissues, providing smoothness and increased volume, with results lasting an average of 6 to 18 months.

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An amazing benefit of lip fillers is the low chance of any side effects


Most people return to their daily activities the very same day


Feel and look your best with OLA's dermal lip fillers

Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us For Your Next Lip Fillers Treatment?

Choose OLA Aesthetics for your next lip fillers treatment in the heart of St Albans. Ola is dedicated to providing advanced aesthetics and dermal fillers to the highest medical standards.
With a focus on patient care and satisfaction, we offer transparent pricing to ensure you receive exceptional value for money. Experience luscious lips with us and discover the difference of personalized, quality care.
what types

What Types of Lips Are Possible with Lip Fillers?

Subtle Lip Augmentation

This procedure is most often done for thin lips

Dramatic Augmentation

The procedure is also done to thin lips for a more plump appearance 

Cupid’s Bow

The procedure is done to create fuller lips that look like a cupid’s bow

Improve Asymmetry

The procedure users lip filler to improve the balance between the upper and lower lips

Lip Protrusion

The procedure creates more volume in the lips to create a beautiful pouty look

Russian Lips

add volume and lift the centre of the lips, with the sides in line with the face.

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Kindly fill in the form below, and request 30% off your next lip fillers treatment! Offer ends Oct 31st!
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